The Phrase Vintage Inspired Clothes

by Kimberly from Pennsylvania

I’m addicted.

In 2008, I made a pledge to wear as little mass-produced clothing as possible and started to seek out individual designers and websites that featured handmade items. 

Little did I know that by innocently Googling the phrase “vintage inspired clothes” one day last summer would cause me to become an addict.

Yes, an addict. Now I know what that term really means.  I have been known to think about rich creamy chocolate in addictive terms but this was different.

I had discovered Ivey Abitz. And my world will never be the same again. 

Florentine Jacket by Ivey Abitz
Florentine Jacket as featured in the Ivey Abitz Fall 2008 Look Book.

I just could not stop looking at the Fall Look Book. I kept going back again and again and finally I decided on a few pieces. Since I wear a lot of black I stuck with that palette. A black & white Florentine Jacket in textured silk and a pair of Mercer Trousers in black Premium Irish Linen were my first choices. How could I go wrong?

Now my agony would truly begin.  I had to wait for my order to be made just for me.
After the first few weeks I would keep going back to my order confirmation page and check my order status.  “Order in progress” – how I learned to hate that phrase.  Then I received my notification that my items shipped. I was ecstatic and practically walking on air.
My waiting was not in vain. 

The linen trousers were opened first.  The quality of the linen was superb.  Just lovely. My new pants were a dream.  I held them up and instantly thought of 4-5 ways to wear them. They go with everything.

My Florentine Jacket was a surprise.  It was a combination of cool funky with the raw edged seams and a very lady like vibe. I wear it with everything from a black pencil skirt, funky tights and shoes, to other Ivey Abitz items. 

Needless to say, I was not disappointed by my first purchase from Ivey Abitz. And I can assure you there will be more to come. 

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  1. Oh, Kimberly – I know just what you mean when you write that you have become an Ivey Abitz “addict.” I, too, would gladly give up rich, dark chocolate for a Solomon Skirt, or a Celia Dress, or anything designed by Cynthia Ivey Abitz for that matter. Who needs Chocolate Creme Bruleé when you can have a beautiful Celia Skirt in the finest black linen, custom made? Mine is “in production” and I, too, return daily to the order confirmation page to check the its status. I can’t help it. I study the Look Books; if I don’t, I may miss something. What started out as a simple desire for one exquisite Lucy Scarf has become almost an obsession (almost?). And I understand about the waiting, especially when I know that my order has shipped. I leave work during the morning to run home to see if my beautiful presents from Ivey Abitz are tucked away on my porch, waiting for me to open that perfect white box tied with black ribbon. Sheer joy.

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