Go-to frock of the season

This just shipped out…

Clothing by Ivey Abitz.
This just shipped to an Ivey Abitz client.

The Addy in plaid, as well as our other frocks, have been the go-to frock of the season. Here’s another ensemble that was just made for a client, combining our Foggy Cotton Velvet Corduroy with our Foggy/Black Soft Plaid Cotton. A Baedeker Scarf in our Signature Black Ribbed Weave is as comfortable and versatile as it is lovely draped around the neck. The bias cut pleating in our Mathilda designs feature the variegated cording in the cotton velvet, making a striking addition to the ensemble.

Try not to wear it every day

Ivey Abitz ensemble
Actual ensemble that shipped to an Ivey Abitz client.

This is the kind of ensemble that you have to force yourself not to wear everyday. Our indispensable Elliot Jacket makes a perfect pairing over the Addy Frock. The Addy is particularly stunning in plaid with its bias cut insets, pockets, and waistband. It’s relevant for casual everyday wear, for going out, and for special occasions. Best of all, it’s comfortable AND elegant — a signature Ivey Abitz combination.

Elliot Jacket in Foggy Soft Ribbed Knit

Addy Frock in Black and Foggy Soft Plaid Cotton

Casual and Playful Ivey Abitz Designs

A casual and playful look from Ivey Abitz.
Look 15 is casual and playful.
Notes from designer, Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Look 15 is one of the more casual and playful ensembles in the new collection.

The warm, rich colour in the Amorette Shirt Jacket draped over a slightly cooler plaid in the Fennefleur Frock is an unexpected juxtaposition without looking over-the-top.

A sash or necktie in our green linen is a nice touch loosely tied around the neck.

It’s also a featured look in our Walk on a Rainy Day gallery, a favourite with our patrons.

We’re almost sold out of the Russet Old World Wool Knit, so if you’d like this ensemble in your lifetime wardrobe, it’s a good time to have it made, just for you.

See more of Look 15 at the look book.

– Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Just Shipped Out

Ivey Abitz ensemble
This ensemble recently shipped out to an Ivey Abitz client.

Just shipped out –

Truitt Jacket in Foggy Plaid Wool and Silk Scrim
Fennefleur Frock in Foggy and Antique White Soft Plaid Cotton

This recent ensemble order from a client shows a variation on a theme from our ensembles in our Look Book. The Truitt Jacket in our new plaid scrim truly shows its versatility for the wearer. The Truitt and Fennefleur together can go in so many different directions, just by buttoning or unbuttoning the jacket and changing the accessories.

Here are just a few ideas of why these work so well together and how they can be worn in different ways:

— a unique look for work attire by wearing understated, yet elegant, shoes and jewelry
— a casual look for everyday wear by wearing the jacket unbuttoned and wearing ensemble with vintage sneakers or ballet-like slip-on shoes
— an evening out by wearing heels, a silk Clotaire Sash around the neck, and an antique brooch on the collar

Versatility is the hallmark of Ivey Abitz designs, and of the Truitt and Fennefleur together.

How would you wear these two designs together? We’ll create them for you, and you can find out for yourself! Best of all, right now the Truitt and Fennefleur have very special pricing when made in our plaid and signature fabrics. A savings of up to 45% off while the fabric choices are still available.

Natural Calligraphy Linen

Natural Calligraphy Linen from Ivey Abitz
Natural Calligraphy Linen
Ivey Abitz is known for the handwritten word by our patrons. They receive a handwritten note of thanks from Cynthia in her incredible handwritten script every single time they receive a shipment. It is something she’s done for years as a sincere token of gratitude to those that appreciate Ivey Abitz garments.

Look No. 14 from the Fall Winter Collection
Natural Calligraphy Linen in Look No. 14 from the Fall Winter Collection
When this very special european linen was presented to us, complete with notes and logos from the late 1800’s in beautiful handwriting, we knew it had to be a featured fabric in the Fall/Winter Collection.

A natural all-season linen base, the handwriting is finely printed across the linen, creating a design feast for the eyes.

This is the kind of fabric that we think our clients will love for a few mixing and matching garments — frocks, shirts, an everyday jacket, neckties… What are your favourites?

100 percent linen. So easy to care for by either washing cold by hand or in washer, then tumble drying low to keep the washed look as shown in the Look Book.

See it in the Fall/Winter Look Book and on most design pages as a fabric option.

Finding a perfect blend of quality, detail, and lifestyle

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta is a town that is quite conservative in fashion.

When I was initially told about Ivey Abitz Bespoke clothing, I was curious, but somewhat dubious that I would discover anything I had not already seen in the world of fashion. I have loved fabrics all my life, with memories of my Grandmother’s black eyelet dresses in summer and petal soft cashmeres in winter. However, living in Atlanta, as I matured, I realized this is a town that is quite conservative in fashion. Tailored designer suits or khakis with crisp cotton shirts seemed to be pervasive. I never felt “at home in my own skin” in these types of clothes. I longed for those eyelet fabrics with detailed cuffs and collars. My antique doll I inherited as a child had handmade dresses with little pin tucked skirts, ruffled pantaloons and even a velvet coat with fur trim.

I dabbled with many designers, but some were way too overstated and frivolous. Even with lovely fabrics, these garments felt like they wore me, instead of claiming my own sense of style. I also felt a commitment to garments made in the USA if at all possible. Years ago I had decided I would dress for myself and not need someone else’s approval for my own individual style. I even took a stab at sewing myself, but my design concepts were much better than the finished product!

So, when I looked up the Ivey Abitz website, I felt I had found my match!

My first bespoke garment was a sample, so I could test the waters before making a big commitment. Even the Ivey Abitz samples I purchased were exquisitely sewn with dressmaker details and lovely fit. I had finally found my bits of flounce and memories of fashions past, combined with modern styling, care, and fit.

Fennefleur Frock skirting
Fennefleur Frock skirting

I now wear my Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks and jackets whenever possible. I have dyed Easter eggs for my 2 year old grandson in my Midnight Striped Fennefleur Frock, blown bubbles in the park in my Crinkled Cotton Cozette Frock, as well as attended the symphony, ballet, and opera in those very same frocks with different combinations of jackets and accessories.

Cozette Frock skirting
Cozette Frock skirting

I have turned to Cynthia for advice and direction in planning my garments so I can optimize the possible combinations of my pieces. I have machine washed these beautiful garments and found they looked fresh and ready to wear almost immediately.

I hope others who are drawn to Ivey Abitz clothes will feel they are versatile and can be worn in a busy daily lifestyle as well as for special occasions.

Thank you Cynthia, Josh, and all the wonderful dressmakers who work as a team to create the finished bespoke Ivey Abitz clothing line. I feel these garments are definitely clothing for life that I am comfortable wearing.

Oh yes, I do receive numerous compliments everywhere I go in my bespoke clothing.

-Anne in Atlanta

Gilbert Cardigan Inspired by Sailing Captain

Gilbert Cardigan for summer by Ivey Abitz
Gilbert Cardigan

The Gilbert Cardigan is a namesake of the dearest sailor and captain we’ve ever known, Captain Gilbert. He sailed the Great Lakes with his family, and his kindness left an indelible mark on us.

Playful stripes give a nod to classic sailor attire. The mix of different stripe directions give it a lightheartedness that is perfect for long summer days.

Wear over sleeveless frocks for coverage, camisoles for a twin set pairing, and collared shirts for an IA layered look.

The soft cotton (with a hint of rayon for strength) knit is thick enough to be opaque and thin enough to wear on hot summer days.

The finest antique buttons will adorn the front of each and every Gilbert Cardigan created.

Summer 2013 – Ode to the Lake Cottage

This is the artist statement for Summer 2013 collection by Ivey Abitz. Written by designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz. View the 2013 summer look book.

dress form on a lake huron beach
View from the lake cottage.

It was charming and modest, the little green lake cottage I admired as a child.
Overgrown with vines, stone chimney cracked from neglect, hidden by leaning pines that, at any moment, could snap and cave in the roof.

The cottage was blind to the views of the sunrise and shore and sky and sand and snakeroot. It got to live there every day, right on the shore that I only got to visit every summer, but it couldn’t see anything.

The cottage owners had gotten old and tired and couldn’t travel to take care of it anymore. There the little green lake cottage sat alone, drawing me to it every time I looked at it.

I used to sit on a hill of beach grass when I visited the lake shore, right in front of the cottage, just so I could be close to it.

When I felt daring, I would peek in through the windows, knowing it hadn’t been inhabited in decades, but wishing I could see people inside playing Masterpiece around the table or playing piano on the sun porch. Some form of a happy existence. Any sign of life.

But I never did. I only saw signs of former lives when I peeked in through the windows. Hazy glimpses of knotty pine walls. Plaid linen. Stripes. Knit cardigans.

They won a Rustic Cottage Award — the owners. Back in the day when they had the energy to design it and build it and live in it. But they didn’t have the energy anymore.

As their lives faded away, the cottage dutifully followed them, until the day the owners let go and gave the cottage a second life. That was the day my parents bought it.

For the first time in twenty years, I got to go inside the little green lake cottage and look out of the windows instead of looking into them. The dead trees and vines were pulled away from its walls so it could see the sunrise and shore and sky and sand and snakeroot for the first time in years.

At that moment, the little green lake cottage became an immortal part of me, and I of it.

–Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Featured Fabric – Sunrise Embroidered Silk Organza

Sunrise Embroidered Silk Organza is very versatile. It shows its versatility in the Summer 2013 look book. It is shown with many different frocks and many other fabrics. It can be worn for special occasions as well as every day wear. It is classy and elegant. It is quintessential Ivey Abitz.

See more video fabric swatches at IveyAbitz.com.